Hotshot branding, stationery & print

Your business already acts the part. Now it’s time to look it.
For brand and marketing materials to be memorable, they need to be worth remembering. Standing out is no longer optional. Bold gets talked about. Bland doesn’t. Whether it’s creating or revamping your brand identity - which is SO much more than a logo, giving pens and notepads a eye-catching new outfit (ooh la la), or making sure your brochures, leaflets, and ads shout to your prospects instead of whisper, this is the place to make it happen in style.

Irresistible infographics & animation

Reams of yawn-inducing text won’t get attention. These will.

The best way to attract eyeballs isn’t to simply declare your data, it’s to design it. Now that humans have attention spans worse than goldfish (true story), the way you present your data and sales messages is more important than ever. With my help, you can turn a dense 50 page report that - let’s be honest - no one will read, into a catchy infographic or snappy animated video that will keep them hooked and move them to share with the world.

Eye-popping custom illustration

The crazy unique ideas in your head, actualised.
It’s not enough to say your business is different... if it isn’t actually different. (Looking at you, lovers of stock photography!) In a world where people do business with people, custom illustrations are the perfect way to give your brand identity a big ol’ personality injection and go from faceless organisation to friendly bunch of humans. Be it wacky team caricatures, striking graphics for your oh-so-pasty office walls, or a branded design to splash across your business vehicles, it doesn’t get more approachable than this.


  • Cardiff Council
    Melissa Knight-Willis, Events manager

    Melissa Knight-Willis This year Jessica created artwork to represent Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland and Cardiff at Christmas. She presented an inspiring mood board and discussed in depth how she could help us to market all that Cardiff has to offer during the festive period. Every step of the way Jessica used her initiative and creative flair to showcase…

  • Ceri Gravelle ,

    Ceri Gravelle Jessica recently completed a couple of projects for us and I was really pleased with the end results but also with the service provided. As a client services agency we need fast turnaround and flexibility and Jess certainly delivered! I've now shared Jess' details with my wider team and we will definitely use her services…

  • Render Positive Testimonial
    John Buchan, CEO

    John Buchan Always amazing quality. Always super quick. Lovely to talk to! A+



33 Youghal Close, Pontprennau, Cardiff
South Wales, CF23 8RN

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