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Self Employed and Pregnant. Don’t Panic!

I set up as a freelancer around four years ago when I was fed up with poor pay, poor flexibility and pretty much a lack of anything challenging or anyway to progress. At the time it was the most terrifying thing I’d ever done, up until now. After an amazing four years of building my…
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10 tips to survive working from home with a puppy

Last October I made the decision to move my work out of my rented office and back home to adopt an adorable little puppy. It was simultaneously the best and worst thing I did and if I’m honest, 9 months later I’m still adjusting. It’s been a tough few months getting used to the fact…
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The power of word of mouth marketing

No one can deny the power of networking. It definitely works and the growing number of networking groups sprouting around the country is proof of that. Finding the perfect group can enhance your client base, your confidence and your motivation. It’s a crucial element that all start-ups and entrepreneurs must get to grips with. However,…
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New Animated Infographic for INPS

Hi everyone! We hope you enjoyed the infographic video we created for Project Aware: The Ugly Journey of Our Trash we launched at the beginning of the month. We had a great response and we’re in talks with Project Aware about the next project which is very exciting. Since then, we have been working with…
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