Animated video commissioned by Whether you're on your way home from work, going Christmas shopping or visiting family. There's nothing…

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  • Go Compare

    Go Compare

    The real cost of Christmas, commissioned by Go Compare. We've taken a trawl through some eyebrow-raising stats and trivia regarding…

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  • screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-12-04-56

    Cardiff Winter Wonderland

    I had the pleasure of being Cardiff Winter Wonderland's official illustrator this year and it was such a fantastic project…

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  • Cardiff’s Lush

    Cardiff’s Lush

    An exciting collaboration between I Love's The Diff and me! (their ideas, my skills), saw the creation of Cardiff's Lush,…

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  • Just Ingredients

    Just Ingredients

    If you’re looking to spice things up in the kitchen this Christmas, this infographic created for Just Ingredients could help.…

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  • Chair Office

    Chair Office

    The 10 types of Office Sitter is brought to you by and designed by me! This infographic discusses the 10 types of…

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  • The Great British Sauce Debate!

    The Great British Sauce Debate!

    In case you hadn't noticed, is bang into comparing stuff. So in a new series, imaginatively titled 'Compare THAT!',…

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  • Illustrative Gifts

    Illustrative Gifts

    Colleague or employee just got married? One of your best retiring? Treat them to an illustrative personalised gift in the…

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  • Everreach


    Blog post header illustration for Everreach. See? Even your blog posts could attract more eyeballs with something a little different.…

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  • Yolk Recruitment

    Yolk Recruitment

    Yolk Recruitment in Cardiff were moving to snazzy new office and needed a personality injection for their new digs. We…

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    WECIL grew out of a need for disabled people to manage and run their own services. Twenty years later, they've…

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  • Cardiff Connect Magazine

    Cardiff Connect Magazine

    The wonderful team in the alumni office approached me to design the illustrative front cover, to which of course we…

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  • NHS Brochure

    NHS Brochure

    The Your Health Your Choice brochure was commissioned by the NHS and Cardiff University to encourage patients to be more…

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  • Select Security Animated Video

    Select Security Animated Video

    Animated promotional video created for Select Security to promote their new CCTV leasing branch of their business. I worked with…

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  • Edplace Animation

    Edplace Animation

    Edplace Animation created for to promote their online learning resources for students. This is an on-going campaign and I'm…

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  • INPS Vision

    INPS Vision

    INPS Vision - Here's a video infographic we created for INPS to illustrate how their Vision software works and it's…

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  • The Ugly Journey Of Our Trash Video

    The Ugly Journey Of Our Trash Video

    The Ugly Journey Of Our Trash is an animated video commissioned by Project Aware to raise awareness about marine debris.…

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