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Make your marketing work harder for you - without working harder yourself. Dreams really can come true.

When you’ve got a hundred decisions to make, a hundred emails to answer, and what feels like a hundred cups of coffee to chug every single day, making your marketing materials look shit-hot probably isn’t something you’ve got time to handle.

 But it still needs to be handled…

Maybe you’ve never worked with a designer but know it’s time to raise your stakes, raise your game, and raise your sales.

Or maybe you’ve worked with big agencies but – as great as they are – you can’t face sitting through any more two-hour meetings answering weird questions and hearing the word ‘solution’ waaaay too many times. Jargon can bore off. Zzzzz.

Or maybe your simple but relentless ambition to stand out and be noticed – by your prospects and your competitors – has brought you to this little corner of the internet.

Whatever the case, if you want to hook more eyeballs and convert more leads at the same time as making the decisions, taking the meetings, and doing the work you do best, then you’re in the right place.

Jessica Draws is the powerhouse team for businesses who want to look anything but corporate. Professional, yes, but not corporate.

Jessica Draws

Creative Director

Hi! I’m Jess Morgan, head honcho of Jessica Draws (the clue’s in the name) and award-winning designer and illustrator. Since setting up in 2012, I’ve brought hundreds of brand ideas to life through design that turns the heads of the right people. When I’m not behind my Mac, managing design projects, speaking to clients, or at a networking event, you’ll most likely find me wandering around a food festival with my family, engrossed in a book, or at the bottom of a good bottle glass of red.

My work at Jessica Draws most recently won me the Creative Award at the Cardiff Life Awards 2017. It was an insanely talented category and the win was so unexpected I had to go on stage without my shoes on! #ipromiseimnotadiva. I also won Freelancer of the Year at the Regional Awards 2016, became a finalist in the Young Entrepreneur category at the Start-Up Awards Wales 2016, and came runner-up in the Creative Industries category of the Entrepreneur Wales Awards 2015.

Dave Morgan

Motion Designer

Hey, I’m Dave Morgan, husband of the lovely lady with all the awards. Jess makes brands look the part, and I provide the technical support, animation, and web development needed to complement her design and make everything work like gangbusters. (I also make the tea.)

My career history in video forensics, IT, and being a real-life cable guy for Virgin Media gave me sufficient geek status to work behind the scenes at Jessica Draws, and client demand allowed me to officially join the business in 2017. Aside from all things tech, I’m a huge music fan, guitarist, gamer, comics and sci-fi nerd, and – most importantly – the owner of a beard.

Lauren Deakin

Creative Designer

Hi I’m Lauren! I graduated from a degree in printed textiles from Bath University in 2013 and since then I’ve been working in the industry as a creative designer and project manager working with brands such as Wilko, Lidl, Asda & Primark. I’m really pleased to be part of the team here at Jessica Draws, contributing to ideas, strategy and of course managing design projects for some fantastic clients. I bring my passion for colour and illustration into everything I do and my love for design always puts a smile on my face.
I’m originally from Shrewsbury but currently living in Llanharan with my partner Craig and my Sprocker Spaniel Jack (and his teddy). You’ll most likely find me enjoying a craft gin in the garden when I’m not lost in the latest design project or perusing the latest trends on Pinterest.

Matt Crowley


I'm Matt! After University, I launched myself into London and at the same time, I joined Jess' team of bandits (who says long distance relationships never work?) I help give brands a voice by adding a splash of creativity to everything from branding to infographics.

I come from the cider making corner of the country, Somerset. I used to be able to call myself a surfer but since there's a lack of waves in the big smoke I resort to my running shoes; promising myself that I will one day do that marathon. Other interests include bicycle head badges, gigs and coffee.


We know only too well that poorly presented data and sales messages result in lost leads, lost clients, lost customers, lost stakeholders, lost ambassadors, and (occasionally) lost hair.

Brilliantly presented messages, on the other hand, result in one very important thing. Captivation. And when you’ve achieved that, all those leads, clients, customers, stakeholders, and ambassadors are much more likely to support those messages, share them with the world, and stick around for a long, long time. (We can’t guarantee the same for your hair.)

The Jessica Draws mission is to help you do all of the above. Many of our super duper clients are based in Wales, including Constructing Excellence in Wales, Cardiff University, Cardiff Council, Digital Profile, and Liberty Marketing, and we also work for international clients, like Project Aware, who are based in Australia. *Cue a little horn toot* around 70% of new clients come back to us after the first project. How’s that for a stat?

Whatever data you’re dealing with, it doesn’t have to be dull.

A mammoth excel spreadsheet or data table can be turned into a share-worthy animation that nails all of the salient points in minutes. A bland marketing brochure or sustainability report can be turned into a bold and bright one that people want to look at, touch, and actually read. A dry-as-crackers sales or product info statement can be turned into an infographic that makes a statement (and makes sense).

We do it all. So, shall we do it together?

Commence Operation Captivation!

When we collaborate, here's what you can expect

Absolutely no cookie-cutters

The work we do for you will be 100% original and made to fit your unique brief, as it should be. Blending in isn’t your style, and it’s isn’t ours either. So why follow the flock?


One of the biggest reasons for our high client retention rate. Whatever your need, whenever you need it, we’ll make every single effort possible to accommodate it. (Maybe not at 2am. We have been known to sleep then.)


When you hire us to perform a service, we won’t just disappear afterwards. We’re in the relationship for the long haul, as your brand champions, supporters, and cheerleaders. (Pom poms included on special occasions.)


If we don’t think something is going to work, or if we think we can do something better, we won’t just tell you why, we’ll show you. Essential for strong collaborations - and even stronger results.

Delivered on time. On budget. Forever

Says it all really.So if you’re ready to step it up a notch (or twenty) with the presentation of your business materials, radiate credibility through powerful data and sales messages, and make your mark on the market…Then we should talk.

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What are you waiting for?

Hotshot branding, stationery & print design

Your business already acts the part. Now it’s time to look it. Strictly not for corporate wallflowers.

Irresistible infographics and animated videos

Reams of yawn-inducing text won’t get attention. These will. Data: designed. Messages: refined.

Eye-popping custom illustration

The crazy unique ideas in your head, actualised. Pack a punch with pixels. Boring businesses need not apply.