6 Ways to Communicate Your Business’ Christmas Offer

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost over, but with only a few weeks left until the new year, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and the best ways to spread some festive cheer to your clients and customers. Marketing Christmas offers have become the new norm in recent years, with brands such as John Lewis (we all love Moz the monster) making organisations realise the importance of this annual holiday and the impact it can have on increasing brand awareness.

Whilst planning your Christmas strategy well in advance is the most effective way to maximise your Christmas reach, there’s still plenty of things you can do to make this time of year a success for your business. Whether it is your goal to make a huge impact or a subtle nod, we at Jessica Draws HQ have put together six ways to communicate your 2017 Christmas message.

Content is Key

Second chances certainly won’t be delivered by Father Christmas…ever. Your content needs to be punchy, relatable and on point. When it comes to copy, less is more when communicating key offers and you should never over-gift. Users know what they are looking for, and if they like what they see then they will flock to you. Why not make the process easier for them? Make sure you have clear navigation across your site to convert interest into action calls.

Imagery is Boss

Now, let’s not avoid the obvious here. Imagery IS boss, and so you should let it lead the way. People are visual by nature, and so in order to effectively communicate your Christmas offer, you should remember to replace summery outdoor imagery with cosy fireplaces and mulled wine. YUM! You should be encouraging customers, and a major tip on how to do so is to make sure that your imagery reflects and communicates your festive offerings.

Animate to Captivate

Our favourite here at Jessica Draws HQ- animation! Creative animations are eye-catching, engaging and are certain to leave a lasting impression on users. Customers are a lot more likely to engage with multimedia than read copy heavy information, and so if you want to encourage users to be interested in your Christmas offers, be sure to add some sparkle to your website with some eye-catching and memorable Christmas animations.

Be Bold on Social Media

According to Forbes, 92% of marketers agree that social media is imperative to the success of a business, with 80% of that figure also stating that it’s instrumental in increasing website traffic. Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all give you the opportunity to sell your offer, communicate with customers/clients, and be seen by new ones. If you use social media in the correct way, you are sure to turn followers into fans of your service, who will actively promote your business through WOM (word of mouth), which is another of our favourite marketing strategies here at Jessica Draws.

Visualise with Video

After reading your website content the next place a customer is sure to bounce to is YouTube and Google Images. Why? To make sure it looks as good as it sounds. By using video, you are visually satisfying customers curiosities, all whilst making sure that they’re seeing the best of what you have to offer this Christmas. Why not go one step further and share these videos on your social media pages? (Refer to tip number four).

Christmas Page Creativity

If you have numerous Christmas offers this year, then having a dedicated festive page to host your offers is a fabulous way to keep all of your content in one place. A unique and specific URL will give you a creative way to channel customers directly to what you want them to look at. Plus, this allows you to have seasonally tailored SEO to really help you spread the Christmas cheer!

So there you have it, 6 ways to communicate your business’ offer this Christmas. We at Jessica Draws HQ hope that these top tips help, and be sure to comment below if you have any Christmas marketing tips to share.

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