Cardiff Life Awards Winner 2017

5 years ago this June, I left full-time employment to try my hand at freelancing. From a tiny corner in my tiny flat in Roath Jessica Draws was born. Since that time I've learned to be a better designer, a better illustrator as well as a sales person, accounts, finance, business development as well as everything else in between.

It's been an amazing 5 years and this year especially has been the most rewarding. To add to the wonderful-ness, last Thursday night at Cardiff City Hall (where I also tied the knot with the fabulous Mr Draws) I was honoured to be awarded the winners trophy for the Creative category at The Cardiff Life Awards 2017.

The category was insanely amazing and I was utterly convinced there was no way I was going to walk away with anything. So much so, my shoes were off and I was reclining comfortably in my chair! To my surprise, my logo appears on screen and there followed a minute or two of confusion!

I've no idea what I said on stage, barefoot, but I'd like to thank here, all the agencies who put up with my incessant calls for freelance work, all the companies who took a chance at hiring a small business over a massive design agency and especially all the wonderful Cardiff businesses who make this City the greatest place to be a creative! I have some more exciting news to follow in the coming months but for now, I'm still on a high and can't believe how fantastic the last few years have been! Thank you so much everyone! Cheers!

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