Project Aware Case Study

Project AWARE is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers. They connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation to create lasting change.

They are long standing clients and I’ve worked with them for over 5 years on everything from print marketing to animated promotional videos and social media marketing campaigns.

The Brief

Over the last few years, Project Aware have been publishing their annual report online. However, their social media campaigns and print marketing have evolved to display more energy and more personality than they did previously and the marketing team felt that the reports were not reflecting this ch ange, growth and energy. The brief was to develop the new report to fit more with their existing materials and offer a more engaging, digestible experience that people will actually want to read and enjoy reading. In addition, they wanted to be able to print the report but to also display digitally online, as well as have the option to post individual graphics/sections online via social media.


The report was to be a 36pp plus document which would include various case studies, statistics and lists of donors and fund-raisers, which could potentially be visually quite dull. The challenge was to find engaging ways to display all of this, while ensuring it remains digestible and informative. In previous reports, Project Aware had relied heavily on photography so they were keen to ex plore a different direction. This brought its own challenges. Due to the subject matter, it could be argued that photographs of the ocean and marine life would be the most engaging way to bring the report to life.

The Solution

Using a blend of clean, crisp columns, infographics, hand-drawn iconography and watercolour line-art to reflect the ocean and the all import ant photography, I designed and illustrated a creative solution for the report that doesn’t feel like a report but still delivers all the important information in an engaging and digestible way. Using photography in a way that blended with the hand drawn elements, created a laid-back, approachable feel that ditched the corporate style and fitted much better with their on-going campaigns and branding. I injected some personality by playfully overlaying illustrative elements over text boxes and photography, bending the rules with type and developing bespoke infographic elements. As well as creating an engaging report, this approach meant that the client could easily take bite-size chunks from the report, use individual graphics for other materials and social media posts and snapshot statistics which answered their brief perfectly. I delivered a print version and a digital version.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jessica on our annual report. Jessica produced a creative, fun and compelling design which fit perfectly with our brand and message. Jessica was friendly, attentive and patient over comms and I look forward to working together again.'

- Megan White, Marketing Assistant, Project Aware

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