Wild Trail Case Study

Wild Trail (Part of Brighter Foods Ltd) are a manufacturer that make snacks that encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy their own Wild Trail... wherever or whatever that may be. Using simple, natural ingredients, their Wild Trail bars come in 4 flavours. They are also stocked in supermarkets such as OCA DO and Tesco. Clients for over a year, we’ve been working together developing posters, social media graphics, exhibition banners, vehicle graphics and various print marketing on a regular basis, to develop the brand, raise brand awareness and increase their social media presence and following.

The Brief

When we started working together, Wild Trail were just starting to work on their online presence and were beginning to pitch to supermarkets for orders. Their brief was simple; we need to create marketing material that makes us stand out from the crowd. The objective was to develop a style, tone of voice, colour palette and build a library of graphic assets to be used consistently across all marketing materials. Set in Wales, this is a family run business, run by people who love the outdoors and love where they live and want to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the world.


With a broad offering of snack food available on the market, it was imperative that we approach the marketing material from a fresh perspective. It wasn’t enough to simply go bold, or go big or go colourful, it needed to have roots and story to stand out from the crowd. The packaging was already in place and selling but as yet, there were no brand guidelines or consistently good marketing materials in place. It was important that the marketing material related to the packaging design, without holding back the creativity.

The Solution

Instead of just focusing on the ingredients, we focussed on the heritage, the people and their vision. For a brand to make an impact and enco urage loyalty it’s important for it to have a narrative, a history and a story that people can relate to. To do this, I took inspiration from the brands birthplace and from where they still make the Wild Trail Bars; Craig yr Aderyn (Bird Rock) in Wales. By incorporating illustrations of the mountainscape, earthy colours, unconventional typography and masked photography of outdoor pursuits and equipment, I was able to create eye-popping marketing materials that were honest about the brands story, engaging, relaxed and approachable, all the while pushing the adventure and outdoor theme. Ensuring Craig yr Aderyn was present on most marketing materials, we created consistency across the brand and increased brand awareness.

“We’ve been working with Jess for a year now at Wild Trail and she’s been a star. She very quickly understood our brand, has injected life into the brand and products through her design, and has become an important part of our wider team. She’s always quick to respond, highly communicative, helpful and, of course, creative! I’d highly recommend Jessica Draws”

- Jim Williams, Brand Manager, Wild Trail

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