Animated Video for World Ocean Day

Animated Video for World Ocean Day. You may have heard of something called World Ocean Day which takes place every 8th June. World Oceans Day is the United Nations - recognised day of ocean celebration and action. People all over the world organise events to support action to protect the ocean. This June, the theme was Healthy oceans, healthy planet to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

We were honored to be approached by the wonderful organisation to create a series of infographics and an animated infographic for World Ocean Day to launch on the 8th of June to help spread the word and inform people of what our litter is doing to our planet.

The statistics were truly shocking. Did you know that a staggering 250 million metric tons of plastic could make its way to the ocean in the next 10 years? We’ve learnt a great deal working with Project Aware and we hope you enjoy the animation we’ve created for them.

Please watch and share The Ugly Journey of Our Trash to discover more about its journey to the ocean and its dangerous impact on our marine life and to help educate your community, friends and colleagues on how our rubbish becomes the ocean’s problem.

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