• Happy Beds Infographic

    Happy Beds Infographic

    To celebrate the new partnership between Happy Beds and German based Room in a box, we’ve put together an eye-catching infographic…

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  • Mock-up

    Horror Road Trip

    Infographic commissioned by for Halloween 2017. Join us on a terrifying road trip across the U.S, exploring the most…

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    The Oscars and the cars that made an impact. Infographic commissioned by for their online blog. 

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    Infographic commissioned by, celebrating 25 years of Mario Kart

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  • Digital Communities Wales

    Digital Communities Wales

    Recent poster and banner project for a branch of the Welsh Government called Digital Communities Wales, working to help people…

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  • Infographic-3-x-Mock-1x3

    K2 Space London

    After the success of our Office Design Matters eBook, K2 Space decided to create an infographic, highlighting the key points…

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  • Constructing Excellence in Wales

    Constructing Excellence in Wales

    Zero Waste Report document created for CE Wales. Incorporating infographics and illustration to create an engaging and digestible report outlining…

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  • Go Compare

    Go Compare

    The real cost of Christmas, commissioned by Go Compare. We've taken a trawl through some eyebrow-raising stats and trivia regarding…

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  • Just Ingredients

    Just Ingredients

    If you’re looking to spice things up in the kitchen this Christmas, this infographic created for Just Ingredients could help.…

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  • Chair Office

    Chair Office

    The 10 types of Office Sitter is brought to you by and designed by me! This infographic discusses the 10 types of…

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  • The Great British Sauce Debate!

    The Great British Sauce Debate!

    In case you hadn't noticed, is bang into comparing stuff. So in a new series, imaginatively titled 'Compare THAT!',…

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    WECIL grew out of a need for disabled people to manage and run their own services. Twenty years later, they've…

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  • Brecon Carreg

    Brecon Carreg

    Infographic for Brecon Carreg promoting the history and origin of the famous bottled water.

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